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Yummy Papaya Salsa!

I learned this week that papayas can be grown in Houston! Now that has been brought to my attention, I am trying to find all the great things that can be made with Papaya. Growing is only half the story, knowing what to do with your bumper crop of fruit is another. My front yard will soon be sporting one, two, uhhh maybe three Papaya plants? LOL

If you are not familiar with Papaya, it is similar in color, the flesh is more firm and not as sweet as a Mango. Though they say home grown Papayas are sweeter than store bought. Then again, the herbs, vegetables and fruit that you grow will always be the fresher and have more flavor than their grocery store cousins.

1 - 2 lb (ish) papaya, seeded, peeled & diced

2 - shallots, diced

2 - garlic cloves, microplaned

2 - ginger root, fresh, small chunks, microplaned

2 T - cilantro, fresh, chopped

2 - limes, fresh, juiced

optional - jalapeno's - fresh or candied :) (I used 1 t - candied jalapeno's minced) make it the way you like it!

Now break out your favorite Tortilla chips and enjoy!!

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