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Let's Get Growing In 2022!

Updated: Jun 10

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Let's ring in the New Year with a little fireworks!!

If you are like me, you are happy to see a new year begin and leave the last one in the past!! (Ok, the last two!) It has been a year like no other for me!!

For you who don't know, 2021 will not be one that I will forget. I had a Limo ride (in an ambulance) to the hospital on Valentine's night and spent the next 11 days (including my birthday and the BIG Texas freeze) in the hospital with Covid Pneumonia. Then I spent the next almost 30 days in a Rehabilitation Hospital, relearning how breathe, walk correctly, write, so I could read what I wrote and just getting stronger. The sole goal to be able to go home and take care of myself again.

Going through it, I really didn't realize what a journey I had embarked on! Looking back I am am glad I didn't know how long it would take!! The recovery process, slow as it is, has been steady. My doctors are thrilled with the progress I have made. When I get discouraged that I am still a recovery in progress, I just stop for a moment and remember where I was a week, weeks, month, months ago, then I see how FAR I have come!! My recovery continues into the new year, I have learned so much this year about faith, resilience and recovery!

Kitchen Garden Revival and my own garden had to take a backseat in 2021. I had a few projects that were completed this last year and am grateful for the patience of those garden clients!!! Gardeners are some of the most wonderful people to work with!! They make my job as a Garden Coach so rewarding!

My apologies to the Kitchen Garden clients that fell through the cavernous cracks during 2021! The good news is I am still here and would love to have you as a client and make your new raised bed Kitchen Garden a reality in 2022! If you started a Kitchen Garden during the pandemic with less than desirable results, I can definitely coach you with some key garden changes, getting you on track for some amazing garden harvests and give you that spectacular looking raised bed Kitchen Garden that you have been dreaming of.

A special shout out to two amazing Garden Coaches, LaTasha of Aneu Harvest and Callie Murphy of Learn To Bloom, both of them drove all the way across the city (and it was FAR, this is Houston, everything is bigger in Texas!!). They came and cleaned up my Kitchen Garden and topped it off with lots of compost!! Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart!! You two, are Garden Angels!! Those tasks were WAY too much for me to accomplish last spring. Happily, I am back in the garden and it feels so good!! This year I am getting out almost every day working on getting my own Kitchen Garden in top shape!

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU, to my AMAZING daughter, Stephanie, son Ryan and son-in-law Dustin, for all the coordinating of my care and taking such AWESOME care of me!!! And to my incredible family and friends that helped me get where I am today with prayers, treats and just helping me with things I couldn't do. You all overflow my heart with love!!!!

A New Year is just a few hours away and I have many exciting things in store for you!! I have been busy giving my website a fresh look. I hope you enjoy my garden website refresh. If there is something you would love to see here, please let me know. Helping you become a confident and successful gardener is always my goal.

Learning to live and work with some new limitations and preparing to grow both professionally and personally. This will include coming out of my comfort zone! You won't want to miss that!! ;)

I invite you to join me and Get Growing in 2022!!

If you have yet to start your dream Kitchen Garden, this is going to be your year!! It all begins with a Kitchen Garden Consult! Let's get you set, to Get Growing in 2022!!!

Happy New Year, Happy Gardening, 2022 here we come!!


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