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I don't even remember when...

I don't even remember when I began learning how to garden exactly. I am guessing I was still in diapers, watching my dad pull weeds and planting tulip bulbs. Or maybe It was watching my grandmother care for her prize roses.

I just remember that I enjoyed spending time outside in the garden, listening to the buzzing of the bees, the scent of freshly cut grass, the wind blowing through the trees, the sweet perfume of the lilac bushes and the taste of freshly picked raspberries. Watching slugs slowly leave slime trails across the cement sidewalk. Yes, even that. LOL

I still find my joy in the garden. Watching, in amazement as a seed emerges from the soil and matures into a plant that produces something wonderful and edible. The satisfaction of knowing exactly where my food comes from and the organic means used to grow it. Providing ingredients that I can use in my kitchen to create dishes for family and friends. Who knew that the little girl who loved spending time in her grandmother's garden would come full circle and now make a business, sharing the love of gardening with others.

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